Welcome to Leskava

Our main activities:

  • Designing and manufacturing various collections of solid wood furniture upon customer's request
  • Executing custom orders in small quantities
  • Providing custom furniture parts outsourcing services (OEM)

Our company is situated in Europe, Lithuania, Kaišiadorys district, an easy to reach location not far from the highway Vilnius-Klaipėda. We are a growing company, mainly producing solid wood furniture. The aim of our company is to provide our clients with unique, durable, beautiful furniture that fits their needs best. We are mainly dealing with unique orders, designing custom collections. We also provide OEM services, make Buyer labeled products.

Our production

We produce all kinds of modern or traditional furniture:
- dining room,
- bedroom,
- living room
- other type upon your request.
It can be made of various wood types as well. Our advantage is that we have the capacity do all needed woodworks on our own.

Leskava is looking for serious contacts in Europe. We can supply retailers or wholesalers, work with agents. We can also produce individual orders for restaurants, hotels and other objects.


With technological experience and qualified staff we could be the right partner in the new designs development.
And this could take less time, because we know how or we can find out soon.
When it comes to flexibility we are fast to make decisions just to achieve the right delivery time and quality.
We are not conservative.
We like to know the customer.
Our job is our hobby!

  • Strict quality control
  • Professional team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Long term experience
  • Environmental responsibility

Leskava has always been committed to high quality products, great value and excellent service.

You can find examples of our work in Our Products gallery.

Feel free to send us an inquiry via Contacts page.